Friday, April 4, 2014

Farewell Jezebel

My furiend Jezebel from Lone Star Cats passed away last Thursday.

I miss Jezzie a lot. We were good pals. Here's a picture of us from last Christmas…

Momma's been real sad, but she are no good at knowin' what to say in these kinda situations. She had Jezebel as a family pet since she was a little girl and can't remember a time without her. It's felt weird without Jezebel here. I's been sure to be extra affectionate to Momma to try to make her feel a little better.



  1. We's all sad, Maurice... and it duz feels weird without Jezzie here. Luv ya, buddy...

  2. I miss Miss Jezzie too. I has given you da Sunshine Award! Go to my blog to see it. Luv ya buddy.

  3. Oh dear, Maurice - we are so sorry to hear of your loss. M says she knows how it feels because she's been through it 4 times. It's awful. You kitties will have to make an extra effort to keeping her company - purring, making bisquits, whatever those special little things are that you do. M sends hugs to your mom.

  4. It are real sad around here without Jezzie.

  5. We are so sorry you lost your sisfur Jezzie. We know you all are hurting and it is not easy. It is OK to be sad, Mazie was sad for a very long time when Oskar the Samoyed went over the Bridge and Mom still cries sometimes. It will be 5 years in June. Mom says it leaves a really big hole in human hearts when they lose their special furbabies so all we can do is cuddle up and grieve with them.
    Loves and purrs

  6. Ohhhhh Maurice ..... I'm soooooo sad for you all!!!!!!! Hugs and cuddles ...

  7. dood...pleez ta let yur mom know that jez iz doin aye oh kay N her sendz tonz oh love....tell her that her palz dude & sauce bee showin her round...tell her that jez iz like a wee kitteh again AND her haz opened up a cheeze shoppe...♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Ohh, that's sooo sad. Makes me miss my old pal Isaac all over again. I've overheard mom and dad talking about not wanting to deal when I'm no longer here, so I know for sure they send their sympathy your way, too.

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  10. Maurice we see you havent posted for a long time but came by to visit. Hope you are well
    Timmy and Family