Monday, March 3, 2014

Belated Birthday Entry and Liebster Awards

Bonjour everyfur! It were my birthday yesterday. I now's 4 years old, and I only recently stopped growin'… MOL!

Here are a picture of me with one of my toys I got yesterday:

I had a pretty good day yesterday. I got three new catnip toys and lots of chances to nap. The weather started gettin' real cold yesterday, so I got a lot of nappin' done. Unfurtunately, the birdies weren't on the tree yesterday because of the cold. I only wish silly Travis and silly Finley wouldn't have tried to keep stealing my birthday toys! Good grief!

I also gots a Liebster award from Finley! OMC! Thanks Finley!

Here are Finley's questions: 

1. What is your favorite time of year and why??
I guess my favorite time of year are da spring. Dat's when the birdies come out more to their feeder, and I get to see them from my cat tree.
2. Duz ya have a special talent or trick ya duz?
I does a lot of cool stuff. I gives hugs and can climb real high up on the refrigerator.
3. What is your favorite food and how do you get your folks to give it to you??
My favorite food are certain varieties of canned cat food: venison, rabbit, and seafood flavors. I gets food in a few different ways dependin' on the situation. If Momma are asleep, I meows a little, then I moves to a cute face touch, and if she's really sleeping like a log, I start nippin' and scratchin'. If she are awake, I usually just get up next to her and meow. Sometimes, I start chewin' on some plastic and look at her all woebegone. If I's in the mood for a certain kinda cat food and she didn't give it to me, I start chewing plastic or meow at her again.
4. What is the funniest thang you has evfur done?
A couple of times, I made a little barky noise. To be fair, I was livin' with Whitley all the time, and it are hard to not pick up barkin' habits from the head barker herself.
5. Duz you believe in da Easter Bunny?
I hear the dogs I live with often barkin' bunnies all times of the year, so I guess an Easter Bunny would make sense. Momma says my fur are as soft as bunny fur, by the way.
6. Who is your Evil Nemesis?
Dat evil "work" dude dat takes my Momma away most days. But today, Momma's work was closed due to bad weather. Take that, work dude!
7. Do you sleep with your hooman?
I loves to sleep with my Momma. I usually sleep right next to her, and she's huggin' me or I'm huggin' her.
8. Do you believe in da danger dat is zombies?
Maybe dat evil work guy is a zombie???? Momma is usually pretty tired when she comes home, like she's been trying to run away from da zombies.
9. Which do you find more annoying-- birds or squirrels??
I like watchin' the birdies from my cat tree. But the dumb squirrels try to eat the bird food!!! There's always this fat one that tries to get on the feeder but falls off. Dat are real funny!
10. If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?
Momma gettin' to stay home from work every day!

Now, I don't haves a lot of pals on dis here bloggin' site yet, so I'm gonna send it to 5 peeps who haven't gotten it yet:
3. Prancer Pie (any of the kitties)
4. Hannah and Lucy (either)
5. Keisha

Here are my questions:
1. Do you enjoy catnip?
2. What is your favorite kind of toy?
3. Did you ever scratch something your human didn't want you to?
4. Where's your favorite nappin' spot?
5. How loud do you meow?
6. How big are you compared to other kitties?
7. Where's the weirdest place you ever hid from your human?
8. Do you like to chew/ eat anything that isn't technically food?
9. What time of day are you most active?
10. What's your favoritest thing to do?

I hopes you liked those questions!