Saturday, February 8, 2014

Introductory Post

Bonjour everyfur! I am Maurice da cat, and I'd like to tell ya a little 'bout myself.

I's a 3-year-old black and white boy from Texas. My Momma started this blog fur me since Catster recently announced they'd be closing' down their website.

I lives with da kitties over at da Lone Star Cats blog and with two Westies, Whitley and Finley.

I likes lots of different stuff, but my favorite are gettin' pets and attention from da humans. I likes to give hugs. I's been hang in' out more in da livin' room during the weekdays since Momma's started this "working" thing in January. She still gives me lots of attention when she gets home, but I can get kinda lonely during the day.

I also enjoys watchin' da birdies from my cat tree, but there's been less since it been real cold lately. I like to play and sometimes play with dat kitten Travis or da terrier dogs.

You should know dat I'm a kitty dat appreciates luxury. I like sittin' on freshly made beds and my favoritest cat food flavors tend to be the most expensivest. I recently discovered this velvet pillow in da kitchen dat makes a real comfy nappin' spot. I've been making sure to nap there a lot so that Momma will understand I needs a velvet pillow. Maybe if I do my big-eyed kitty stare at her, it'll convince her.

Purr ya later,


  1. Hi Maurice! Glad to see your blog up and going!

    -Jezebel and Travis

  2. Hi Moe! I like da luckshoories too! Glad to see ya bloggin'!

  3. I bet somebuddy 'round here will get you a velvet pillow... my Momma is a sucker.. just give her dose "puss in boot" eyes... that should work!

  4. Yay! Maurice has a bloggie too!

    Purrs to you and we hope you get your hearts desire fur a velvet pillow!

  5. Thank catness, we finally heard from yew, buddy - we beeds a little bit worried when all dah other family members hash been purrin' and barkin' and we didn't hear any of yer meows in dah mix. So happy yew beeds joinin' ush here now, and yesh I ish totally wif yew on dah velvet pillows thing - dose ish the bestest! Yew can neFUR have too many of dose and I hopes cupid brings yew more fur Valentine's day.

  6. Hey, Mauwice!! I noticed ober on da forum dat yu hab a quote fwum a Steve Miller song on yur pwofile! Well, a guy named Fatboy Slim did a cover of the song 'The Joker' (where your quote is from). Yu gotta see da bideo, dood!!! It wuz maded wif kitties an' it r compwetewy 'dorable an' bery funny! Yu gotta see if! If I knowed how tu 'wink' stuff I would, bud jus' du da googwy fing an' wook fur 'The Joker' bideo, Fatboy Slim!! Yu r gonna wuff it! "Sum peeples call me Mauwice cuz I r da pompatus ob wuff..." Gud wuck wif da belbet piwwow fing, my fwiend!

  7. G'day Maurice .... Finley told me to have a look at your new blog and here I am. Please don't hiss at me. Most cats do. Don't know why ... I like cats .... A LOT!!!!!!

  8. You has been nominated fur a Liebster Award-- check out da details here...
    Finley's Fables Liebster Award !

  9. Happy Birthday again! I like your new bloggie! it is very nice!